Dishwasher Salt Cap 260928


Our Price: £6.99

COMPATIBILITY: The Dishwasher Salt Cap 260928 is compatible with these models:
Miele - G1220
Miele - G1230SC
Miele - G1022
Miele - G1021
Miele - G4920
Miele - G1143SC
Miele - G1552SC
Miele - G1252SC
Miele - G1023
Miele - G1143
Miele - G1224
Miele - G1243
Miele - G1293
Miele - G1232
Miele - G1225SC
Miele - G1102
Miele - G1020
Miele - G1040
Miele - G1041
Miele - G1042
Miele - G1120
Miele - G1130
Miele - G1140
Miele - G1142
Miele - G1150
Miele - G1151
Miele - G1152
Miele - G1191
Miele - G1200
Miele - G1202
Miele - G1222
Miele - G1230
Miele - G1235
Miele - G1242
Miele - G1255
Miele - G1290
Miele - G1292
Miele - G1222SC
Miele - G1320
Miele - G1330
Miele - G1420
Miele - G1430
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The Dishwasher Salt Cap 260928 is shown in: Dishwashers.

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