Bosch Dishwasher PCB Control Module 5WK57650


5 600 039 203 AI02


Our Price: £24.99

COMPATIBILITY: The Bosch Dishwasher PCB Control Module 5WK57650 is compatible with these models:
Bosch - SGS5332GB/17
Bosch - SGS3302/17
Bosch - SGS4332EP/01
Bosch - SGS4332EP/03
Bosch - SGS4332GB/17
Bosch - SGS4332GB/29
Bosch - SGS4332II/01
Bosch - SGS4338II/17
Bosch - SGS4342EU/01
Bosch - SGS4382EE/01
Bosch - SGS4422EU/01
Bosch - SGS4442GB/01
Bosch - SGS5302GB/07
Bosch - SGS5332/17
Bosch - SGS5332FF/17
Bosch - SGS8412/17
Bosch - SGS8412/24
Bosch - SGS8412EU/17
Bosch - SGS8412EU/24
Bosch - SGU3302/17

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The Bosch Dishwasher PCB Control Module 5WK57650 is shown in: Dishwashers.

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